Director's message


profzaid.pngEstablished in 2007 withinthe School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), the Collaborative Microelectronic Design Excellence Centre (CEDEC) has a mission to sustain the undergraduate and postgraduate research and prototype development of Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) technology. In order to support this mission CEDEC undertakes various activities including providing  EDA tools, CAD design software and licenses to public and private universities, companies and research institutes in Malaysia. CEDEC is also partnering the local foundry Silterra through the Multi ProjectWafer (MPW) programme, enabling a cost-effective method for prototype and proof-of-concept silicon. The center is also equipped with modern and state-of-the-art facilities which are focused in providing students a deep understanding of the microelectronic chip development processes, from conceptual design simulation to probing and silicon testing. We also take pride of our scholarship and training programmes which are dedicated to nurturing future generations of scientists, IC designers and researchers. In our effort to bring researchers from basic sciences, engineering and industries, we are also actively engaged in applied research, covering broad spectrum of microelectronic fields like bio-electronics, MEMS, imaging, internet and communication, health and manufacturing, etc. Our activities and services are all compact in one center strategically located at SAINS@USM , Bukit Jambul which is approximately 5 km away from Penang Silicon Valley and about same distance to USM main campus and other commercial attractions. Thanks for your interest in our centre. We invite you to explore CEDEC and SAINS@USM ingeneral.

Prof. Mohd Zaid Abdullah